The Wellness Spa

Beniley Wellness Center & Spa first opened its doors in August of 2005. Our goal was to draw the line and make a difference for our clients to identify us as a unique team. We have mastered all of the tiny details that Beniley Wellness Center & Spa clients want and have come to expect from us. Our business is focused on our clients’ preferences. We are 100% committed to making our customers feel their best and look their best. We strive to ma

Fun Fact

Beniley proudly owned the Paris Milan Day Spa located in Guadalajara, Mexico. She quickly became well-known among her clientele. Paris Milan Day Spa took Beniley to new horizons and to a beautiful new city! Once she relocated to Miami, she opened Beniley Wellness Center & Spa where she is able to continue guiding men and women how to discover their own beauty and comfort.

“I love making people feel beautiful, and good about themselves.” – Beniley

ke our spa a place for relaxation  a place where one comes to watch his or her problems drift away as the Beniley Wellness Center & Spa experience takes over.

 Get to know Beniley

Beniley Llorens loves making people feel beautiful and good about themselves. As a child, she tapped into the secrets of the beauty industry firsthand. Every day after school, she watched her parents work at their family salon in Guadalajara, Mexico. She soon learned that she could benefit from beauty care as she developed digestive problems which resulted in painful acne all over her face. Beniley’s bathroom became a mini pharmacy where she tried every product out there, yet nothing worked. Her battle with low self-esteem became the catalyst to her passion for helping others with their outside beauty struggles and inside self-confidence.

After studying alongside dermatologists, nutritionists, and a variety of professionals working in the beauty and health field in varying locales such as Italy, Spain, France, NY and Japan, Beniley learned that nutrition is the base of all well-being and therefore changed her diet and lifestyle forever. She specialized in acne treatment, but quickly expanded to other treatments for rosacea, anti-aging, pigmentation and waxing services. After working for a while in Manhattan, Beniley opened a day spa in Guadalajara and eventually relocated to Miami. Today she owns Beniley Wellness Center & Spa, a boutique salon where she and her talented team use the same European techniques to perform facials, microdermabrasion, radiofrequency treatments, PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field therapy), and specialize in waxing.

Beniley’s team performs an upwards of 70 Brazilian waxes per week and numerous different skin care treatments. She has also developed her own line of skin care botanical products in which she always keeps it simple and as natural as possible using the 5 elements: (1) good nutrition; (2) stimulating blood circulation; (3) LED; (4) hydration, and (5) PEMF/ Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. Beniley continues to serve as the Ambassador of Rejuvel 3D in Mexico, the first ever scientifically designed three-dimensional skin renewal cream that uses NASA technology.

If you’re ready to enhance your beauty, obtain inner peace, and transform the way you see yourself, book an appointment today, and step into the doors of Beniley’s Wellness Center & Spa.

I take great pride in what I do. I am like an artist and my clients are my canvasses. I provide the best possible experience. Don’t take my word for it. Book an appointment and find out for yourself. I guarantee you will love it. – Beniley Llorens.

We provide only the best quality products

Beniley Wellness Center & Spa offers top-notch beauty services, including European Waxing, European Facials, Radio frequency, Microdermabrasion, Permanent Make Up, and PEMF Treatments for stress, chronic pain, migraines and depression. Each of our staff members has been personally trained by Beniley on the Beniley Wellness Center & Spa protocol as we aim to exceed each clients’ expectations with every visit and service.

At Beniley Wellness Center & Spa, we have created a line of beauty products specifically designed for our spa treatments. Our product line is offered exclusively to our clients so they may continue treatments at home. We developed B-Botanicals, Beniley Color Cosmetics and B Perfect Fit just for YOU! We are very proud to use our star product REJUVEL to all of our skin care treatments.